Monday, 30 January 2012

Poster Designers - Research

David Carson - I quite liked his work and the way in which he experiments with letter placement and type faces. 

Handwriting Project - Viral/Stop Motion Pages

Just a little bit of my folder, trying to use the sort of style that we've been told to use so that everything is combined together on the same page. My mind doesn't really work that way because I like to keep most things separate in my folder but thought id give it a go! 

Combinations of spider diagrams, thumbnails and side thoughts. 

^^ Stop Motion attempt, it kind of worked when combined together on flash but wasn't anywhere near as seamless as I would have wanted, more work to be done on that side! 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Similar theme to the other video - Viral Inspiration

I showed my flat mate the other video and it reminded him of this one, so thought I would add this one as well as it follows the same idea. I really the idea of keeping one thing constant in the frame and changing everything around it and I will attempt to produce something similar in my viral video. Enjoy!

On the theme of hand written letters

If you jump to about 9.57 there is a really sweet story about a little girl who had cancer and left hand written notes all around the house to her mum and dad so that they would find them after she had passed away. If she had text her parents or left them an email or something it wouldn't have had the same impact. Surprise written notes can provoke emotions in the reader, where as its not as likely with an electronic letter. 

Inspiration for Viral Video

I really love this advert, not entirely sure why but I just think the way it works with the music and the placement of the man in the same position through out the video is just entertaining to watch :) 
I like the idea of having one thing consistent through out the video and changing others around it.