Sunday, 11 December 2011

More Applied New Media Pages

These are some print screens from my final developments of my microsite/game. It shows a leaf animation which plays when the branches are correctly placed on target. There is also a counter on the main stage that counts when all the branches are placed and then plays the animation on the main stage, the animation creates a 'forest' effect around the outside of the main tree so that it all blends in together. Next two buttons pop up, one to open up a gallery and one to reset the page back to the beginning. Within the gallery each smaller image can be clicked on and then an animation will play which enhances the scale of the image, until it is clicked on and then it returns to its previous position. Hopefully all of these work successfully! There are some odd noises dotted around on some of the buttons as well, although I may not have included as much sound as I should have done, but I was focusing more on the animations than the sounds. 

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