Sunday, 26 February 2012

Inspiration for Branding Viral Video

I am doing my viral around the students and what they get up to etc, so I was thinking of ways of displaying people doing various actions that represent the course and was reminded of Kyle Cooper's opening sequence for the film 'Se7en'. Obviously the film is dark and mysterious which I don't intend my viral to be but I saw where I could pull similarities in the actions of what the character gets up to in the titles. I like the idea of using only macro shots so that the small actions take up the entire screen and then that individual could be anyone, so the viewer could be the one in the video, metaphorically! Its a thought anyway :) 
I have also been looking at this site : because it has lots of interesting film titles which I know aren't promotional videos but they give an insight into what to expect in the film and my video will reflect what to expect on the course. 

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